STRATEGI PEMASARAN PRODUK TORTILLA JAGUNG (Studi Kasus UMKM Kelompok Wanita TaniKemuning II Desa Marga Catur, Kalianda)

neti yuliana


One of corn products which was able to increase its economic value was corn tortilla. The housewives joining thewomen farmerscommunitytook an initiative to develop the corn tortilla product. This activity had been being done since 2013 by Kemuning II.  The cause of trouble they got were the marketing they still did plain and the competition between MSME was more rigorous.  Therefore, it was needed a precise marketing strategy to overcome such kind of this problem.This research intended to identify the strength, weaknesses, opportunity, threats, and to dicide the marketing strategy of corn tortilla product.  This research used QSPM analysis which was resulted from matrix of IFE, EFE, IE and SWOT matrix.  Based on the results of the study showed that the greatest strengths of the business belonging to Kemuning II WFC:  (1) raw materials were very abundant with a score of 0.258, (2) the main weaknesses was not having a promotion media with a score of 0,071, (3) the main opportunity was a guidance from the government with a score of 0.209, (4) and the main threat was the change of weather being unstable with a score of 0.133.  The rating of IE matrix placedMSME at the cell position V, thosewereholding and maintaining strategies. The strategy prioritized for the business of Kemuning IIwas to improve the internal management system by improving work motivation and promotional activities to expand the marketing area.


Keywords:  MSME, tortilla, marketing strategy, SWOT, QSPM

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